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One Stop Centre – OSC

One Stop Centre can accept applications such as :-

  1. Simultaneous application of changing land status and splitting boundary, planning approval, building plan, ground work plan and road and drainage plans.
  2. Simultaneous application of surrendering back and giving repossession status, planning approval, building plan, ground work plan and road and drainage plans
  3. Application on land matters and planning approval
  4. Application on land matters, planning approval and building plan
  5. Application for planning approval
  6. Application for building plan
  7. Application for ground work plan
  8. Application for road and drainage plan
  9. Application and production of CFO
  10. Proposal for stages completion notice in CCC system
  11. Reporting on the disability of CCC system

     Under the launched initiative, applicants are encouraged to apply simultaneously involving the application for ground development, planning approval, building plan and other plans to Local Central Secretariat. In spite of that, applicants still have the choice to apply successively or separately to Local Central Secretariat. Normally, the time taken to process depends on the types of application forwarded and not subjected to the period of 4 or 6 months as decided in the Ministers Assembly Meeting on 21st March 2007.

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5S Practice Guidelines

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